Submitted by ryanscott on Tue, 01/16/2018 - 09:49

Post your press release using the form below to reach's growing global audience. 

If approved and paid, we'll include it in our main front page sidebar, viewed 400,000+ times per day, 10,000,000+ times monthly (according to Google Analytics, as of January 10, 2018). The post will also feature on our dedicated Press Releases page and is pushed to notification subscribers and selected social media channels. 

We are usually fully booked 48-72 hours out so you need to plan and specify a date at least 48 hours in advance (EDT, New York time). We allow a maximum of 1 PR per entity/event per week. We can publish your PR also on the weekend, as we experience the same or higher traffic on weekends, compared to weekdays (we do not suffer from the weekend dips many mainstream media outlets do). 

More details on the site.